"My Business Grew From $17,000 to OVER $35,000 per Month in Two Weeks"
Steven Godlewski, PillFreeVitamins.com

"You Will Learn The Exact Secret How Henry Gold and Socrates Socratous Build Their Empires In This Mind-Blowing Four Weeks Coaching Program"

WARNING: This is NOT a Typical Coaching Program You May Have Seen in The Past. We do NOT Sugarcoat. We do NOT Just Give You a Percentage of The Information. We "Brain-Dump" All Those HARD-CORE Information, Where You Will Know The Exact Step-By-Step System How to Make Money Online in Web 2.0 Era For Four Weeks Straight. .

Socrates Socratous
Sunny California Coast
Sunday, 10:42 AM

Dear Friend,

I am going to make it short and simple.

Due to a HUGE demand of this four-week coaching program (Many requests on our helpdesk), I have decided to open up the door for the second time at this ridiculous price. Just like what I have done for other folks on the 1st coaching program, I am NOT going to charge you $4,997.00 like what many of my friends suggested me. -- NOT even $1,000 either.

I know how it feels to be broke and poor. In fact I had to face life at a young age when I left my family at age 12 and moved to another city where I grew up on my own. I know how it is to need things I couldn't afford. I never really talk about my growing up years but what I am trying to say here is that I had to grow up with the absolute necessities and I can relate to people that need a chance for a breakthrough in their lives.

In one sentence... "The price will be as low as possible"

Let's talk about the four weeks coaching program...

In this coaching program, I am NOT going to just give you general information. It will be step-by-step, to the point, and based on ACTUAL results. In other words, the price itself has NOTHING to do with the value that I am giving up.

I am going to focus on OVER DELIVERY.
I am going to focus on YOUR RESULT.
I am going to focus on Creating YOUR SUCCESS STORY.

It means that by the end of this FOUR-WEEK coaching program, I will ask you to tell the world what you have learnt, the result you have got, and what do you see differently about your business in 2007.

I am NOT scared that you will NOT give me testimonial. I am more than confident you will, as I know that almost every marketer I have personally helped has achieved great results fast.

I am going to be honest with you here.

This coaching program is going to be for YOU and for ME. I am making the price as low as possible to give everyone the chance to participate.

What's In It For ME and why am I spending my precious time for pennies on the dollar? (My Personal consultation rate is fixed at $1,000/hour). Why am I doing this?

Because I want YOU to go out and tell the world about the Success you have achieved with Socrates' Training.

This is the one and only result I am looking for. Frankly, the price I am selling this for and with the very limited number of seats, it wont even cover my time spent to put everything together.

I am telling you this just to make sure that you understand what my motive is and why I will do everything I possibly can to make an impact on your business and life.

Lets get a little more serious here.

Let me tell you...

This program is NOT for everyone...

If you just want me to sugarcoat you, you don't NOT belong in this coaching program. I am NOT here to make you happy either. It means that if you plan NOT to show up and not do the work don't waste my time and hold up a seat that someone that is serious could use.

If you follow my emails and blog you know that it wasn't my idea to create this coaching program. I barely even have the time to do it. I only came to this decision after a lot of requests of members and subscribers that read my material on a regular basis.

When I came up with the idea, I briefly discussed it with a very good friend mine "Henry Gold".

Henry briefly told me that he was also being urged by his subscribers to teach them about his success with Web 2.0

Henry Gold is the *brains* behind the famous and very successful 117ChristmasGifts Giveaways and he is currently on his way to grow one of his latest projects to 1 million subscribers this year. (Trust me, he will get more than that. I know his secret plan and it is pure genius)

To keep a long story short, Henry persuaded me to partner up on a telecoaching program where we Brain-Dump our knowledge and experience onto our subscribers.

I was skeptical at first, but see... Henry is a great friend of mine (we speak on the phone on daily basis) so I couldn't refuse. In fact when I thought about the tremendous value I would be able to give my subscribers from his unique teachings, I accepted immediately.

Henry will teach you about his latest breakthroughs with Mastering the Web 2.0 and drive unstoppable internet traffic from Social Networking Type websites.

I have been using some of the techniques he shared with me with excellent results already. My blog is already starting to get traffic from all these places I didn't even know existed before. Even Gougle loves these traffic sources and it boosted my rankings dramatically. (Wild Stuff)

SO... What are we going to cover?

  1. Four Intensive Coaching Calls. -- I am NOT sure how long this will be. I usually scheduled the call for one hour. However, based on last coaching program, we went MORE THAN TWO HOURS. Sometimes, I even talked until I lost my voice. -- This is who I am and what I do. I simply "BRAIN-DUMP" all those sensitive strategies for you to become successful online.

  2. Four Q & A Sessions. -- This is STRICTLY for ONE HOUR. You prepare your question. You throw in during the Q & A session. We will answer it LIVE for you. -- HINT: Make sure you prepare the questions TWO hours prior to the session. Again, we are NOT going to hide anything in front of you. Be prepared to be CRITICIZED!

  3. Ebay Coaching Calls. -- I do NOT really want to do this call, as it is extremely CONFIDENTIAL. In fact, I even have my clients to sign NON-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to participate on this call. However, Socrates insisted he MUST show his techniques on how to BUILD a hungry buyers, not just subscribers from ebay.

  4. Transcript of Each Call And MP3 Files -- Since some of you may reside outside the United States or worry about long-distance calls), We will record the call and transcribe it immediately. Once it is completed, we will send you the link where you can download the recording and listen to it at your leisure, or print out the transcripts and read them word for word.

  5. Study Buddies & Joint Venture Opportunity -- We will open up a special forum, where all of you guys can throw in your name, email address, and phone number. This way, if you would like to contact each other (or perhaps creating a strategic alliance with one another, feel free to do so!) -- This is really PRICELESS! Imagine joint venture with your friends (other members) who are willing to GROW. The possibility is endless.
In fact... Let me break it down piece by piece, this way you will have an easy understanding on what we are going to cover on this "underground" four weeks coaching program:

The first call will be held on Tuesday, Jul 3rd'07 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST)

It will include the EXACT technique I use to outperform my competitors. It will also include the step-by-step direction you should use to make your business BULLET-PROOF in the conceptual age. This allows you to be BETTER than 99.99% of those marketers in your field.

Here is just a small sample of what you'll learn once you participate:
  • "The advancement of the Money Flow Chart" -- FACT: 99.99% of the marketers in the world do NOT understand how the money flow chart really works. I will show you how you can apply the money flow chart in every single aspect of your business.

  • "The HenryGold.com's Domination Flow Chart" -- This is the flow charts I used to "VACUMN" $2,500 per week from HenryGold.com. I know this sounds CRAZY. However, I really don't care you will COPYCAT my ideas, as I almost retire from Internet Marketing niche. Feel FREE to CRUSH marketers on Internet marketing niche!

  • "Henry Gold's Marketing Funnel Flow Chart" -- I am sure some of my friends will be VERY pissed off when they know I share this marketing funnel's underground secret with you. WHY? We spent FIVE DAYS to brainstorm the whole idea of Marketing Funnel, but I will cover this on the call. Furthermore, I will even SHOW you how to sell products for $4,997 or even $9,997.00

  • What you should do BEFORE even considering starting a Pay per click campaign. -- People that get burned every day dont do this and they blame google for losing their money.

  • What your website should have besides your sales letter to get google to allow you to pay less per click than your competitors. -- Most marketers dont know this and they end up paying too much for clicks which eventually forces them to give up because they cannot turn a profit.

  • How to construct your landing pages for maximum relevancy. -- Google is extremely serious about sending their traffic to relevant content and rewards the advertizers that do with lower cost per click.

  • Where to put the checkmarks in your adwords campaigns to make sure you get maximum results. -- Google's default settings are there to maximize google's bottom line. You will learn precisely what to change to maximize YOUR bottom line.

  • Which countries to target that have proven to work for us on numerous occassions. -- These are the Secret Weapon almost all marketers DIE to know.

  • Too much to lists!
You'll learn all of this and much more on this LIVE teleseminar.

In fact, I will do something crazy just for you.

At the end of the teleconference, We will open up the lines for up to 30 Minutes, where you are able to ask any questions you want to via the chat log on the webinar, where we will answer it LIVE on the call.

This way, as soon as you finish the teleseminar, you can apply the secret strategies I share with you almost immediately.

This is the result you will get out of this call.

This is the result you can apply to your business immediately.

This is the result I want to see in your business, and I mean it.

Once you know the basic fundamental of the web 2.0 business and introduction about the web 2.0, your next step would be to know how to DRIVE traffic to your site and blog.

Since it is such a Hard-Core strategies, we have decided to divided into three intensive sessions:

Traffic Call #1 will be held on Tuesday, Jul 10th'07 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST)
Socrates will show you EXACTLY how he sets-up the google campaign. He will also show you how to choose the right keywords, create squeeze page, the hidden strategies behind his 2,500 unique visitors per day campaign. -- Well, I am NOT going to tell you how great it feels to have thousands of unique visitors come to my site every day, right?

Here is just a small sample of what you'll learn once you participate:
  • How to come up with thousands of targeted keywords with little or no competition without breaking a sweat. -- this little known technique played significant role in building a campaign to $10,000+ /month and 2,400 unique visitors a day

  • How to "steal" your competitor's keyword lists. -- Find out exactly the keywords they are bidding on and how much. You will get my secret resource that tells me exactly that

  • How to determine "negative match" keywords that will actually make a difference to the quality of clicks you receive. -- Negative matches will allow you to weed out all clicks from irrelevant searches. I will show you how to build your "negative match" list very quickly

  • 7 tips to writting effective ad copy. -- Ad copy is what makes people click on your ad. It can also determine how much you pay for clicks.

  • A simple change in your ad text that can immediately improve your CTR -- This ridiculously simple change is guaranteed to make you say: "Are you serious?" but it can boost your CTR significantly in some cases.

  • How to instantly get a winning ad -- This is like shopping for proven winning ads targetted to your business but it's free and available for anyone.

  • Why tracking each traffic source carefully is so important for your success. You will learn exactly what to track to make sure that you are not wasting your money on things that dont work.

  • How to test different landing pages without editing your ads (editing the ads can cause your ads to stop running due to editorial review)

  • A simple test that doubled my sales instantaneously -- This goes against most of what "gurus" have been telling you for years but I tested it in 4 different campaigns with excellent results.

  • The list of tools I personally use -- These are not somekind of "underground" tools that noone knows about. But the way I use them is very effective in my campaigns

  • Too much to lists!
Once you have learned exactly how to drive thousands of unique visitors from Google Adwords, You are going to learn EXACTLY how I drove more than 40,000 unique visitors per month toward HenryGold.com.

I am going to show you what I did on the background. How I get a higher search engine ranking on particular searh term, and the strategy you can use to DRIVE OVER 225,000 unique visitors per month to your blog (Purely, just from search engine, such as: Google.com, Yahoo.com, and MSN.com)

Traffic Call #2 will be held on Tuesday, Jul 17th'07 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST)
Here is just a small sample of what you'll learn once you participate:

  • How to set-up your blog from inside OUT -- From setting-up your RSS feeds, pinging, features, comment box, and even sidebar. --NOTE: I am NOT going to show you all the technical part of this. Instead, I will show you WHY and WHAT features you MUST have to generate 2,500 unique visitors.

  • How to AVOID being banned by Technorati, Digg, and del.icio.us -- 92% of the bloggers will make these mistakes anyway. Learn how to PROTECT your blog from being CLOSED DOWN by the top blog search engine and social bookmarking sites.

  • How to have 30% of your blog audiences to display your product (or even affiliate product). -- It took me a while to get the conversion STRAIGHT. On this traffic call, I am going to share with you the exact conversion, case studies, as well as how much I make from each campaign.

  • One "Underground" Technique Gina Gaudio-Graves USED to received 451 unique visitors to one of her blog post. -- Imagine if you have four blog post a day, what kind of traffic will you get by utilizing this simple strategy.

  • How to write blog post that generate comments. -- One of the biggest problem marketers have would be lack of participation within their blogs. This is WHY BILLIONS of BLOGS are dying. Find out exactly what you should do to make a difference.

  • The "GoldMine" strategy I used to DRIVE 40,000 unique visitors per month to HenryGold.com FAST. -- Find out EXACTLY how you can do it as well. In fact, I will EVEN show you how I will DRIVE OVER 225,000 unique visitors within two months. (All from search engine traffic)

  • And much, much more.
Once you learned EXACTLY how to drive HUGE amount of traffic to your blog, you are going to learn how to monetize even BIGGER with the traffic sources you received.

This is FAR MORE important than driving traffic. You see, Driving traffic to your site is good. However, without you making money from it, it is still just traffic. Nothing else! In addition, we are going to show you what you should do and what you should AVOID on getting traffic from Google.

Traffic Call #3 will be held on Tuesday, Jul 24th'07 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST)
Here is just a small sample of what you'll learn once you participate:
  • How to become the #1 in the famous giveaways using adwords and make thousands of dollars doing it. -- I have done this 3 times and became #1 in all 3 of them while raking in 1,000's of dollars in sales

  • A very clever way to differentiate yourself from the competition when you sell the exact same product as them -- Using this technique you can enter a large and competitive market without having to pay the high price. And you will be converting more customers than the competition

  • How to play both sides of the game. -- How to use adwords to build hundreds of pages of UNIQUE content NO-ONE else has and monetize it with Adsense. This is not RSS feeds or page generation software. This technique is GUARANTEED to get you unique and fresh content and boost your organic search results so you can also get free clicks. Best, of all, it will only take you less than an hour to setup and it will build pages for you forever.

  • What you should do to protect your self from sneaky vendors if you are promoting an affiliate program -- Most savvy vendors will be able to find out EXACTLY what keywords you are bidding on and they can start bidding higher than you on the same keywords if you dont protect yourself (since vendors can keep 100% of the sale they can afford to outbid you)

  • Are you bidding on your name? This one is a freebie :) Why you must do it even if noone knows who you are (yet)

  • Did you get affected by the google "Slap"? Learn how to get around it if you have or how to make sure it doesnt happen to you if you are a beginner.

  • Too much to lists!
"What Should You Do To Make Sure
You Don't Miss Out?"

Let's make it a little selfish in here. Once all seats are sold out, it is GONE forever. It means that the secret will be buried within the participant on the call.

I have also mentioned earlier that this is a no-hold barred telecoaching. It means that we got to reaveal all those HARD-CORE strategies we used to build six figure income business.

It also means that we would like to LIMIT the number of people who will become the next Henry Gold and Socrates Socratous.

These calls will NOT be sold to the public. In other words, do NOT expect me we are going to put it on CDs or in any form to sell it to the public.

In other words, if you are NOT the first 50 42 people who reserve your seat for these calls, there is nothing I can really do to help you get out from your situation.

"What If I Miss The Call?"

If you live outside the U.S., or worry about your long-distance, or even have a time conflict with the live call, don't worry.

We will record the call and transcribe it immediately. Once it is completed, we will send you the link where you can download the recording and listen to it at your leisure, or print out the transcripts and read them word for word.

"Henry, Why Are You Offering
This For So Cheap?"

Let's be honest. This may be the last time I will be doing telecoaching program for such a ridiculous price. In fact, these days, every successful marketer that I know do NOT even want their time for the pricing I gave you.

However, I do have a selfish reason why I am doing this, but I know you don't mind either.

I am taking a big risk here to tell you the secret that I use to build my business, where I could just be another shark. So why should I put my neck out there?

Well, a few reasons ...

1. I Want You to Become My Next Success Story.

One of the biggest reasons I price it so low because I want all of you guys to become my next success story.

You see... I received a lot of "Thank You" videos, audios, and even written testimonials all the time. These are THOSE THINGS I am always proud of. You called it "Self-Pride". I called it an achievement of a lifetime.

By doing this coaching program, it allows to receive MORE testimonials than ever, which is from YOU.

With this reason alone... I don't care who you are and where you come from. When you join this four-week intensive coaching program, I want to "brain-dump" all those HORSEPOWER strategies to you.

This way, you are able to become successful as fast as possible.

Once you become successful, all I care is a Video Testimonials from you about Henry Gold and Socrates Socratous. This is what I am PROUD of. This is what I would like to achieve from this coaching program.

2. I am tired of million dollar ideas.

Since last year 2006, the vision of my company has shifted from $1,000,000 business to $1,000,000,000 (Yes! $1 Billion).

We have reached $1,000,000 in business. It also means that I won't compete with you to earn $1,000 or $5,000 per month.

In fact, I have given many million dollar ideas to my collageous and friends, where they can use it right away. There is no exception on this coaching program.

You are basically learning those secrets that I used to use to build $10,000 - $50,000 per month.

See what I am really up to?

You probably won't know precisely how this call will benefit you, but we are very confident your head will be spinning full of ideas, in which you will think I am crazy to give away so much information on the call.

3. We are pretty sure you will be delighted.

Ok, here's our real "Tight-lipped" reason for doing this.

Let's try to be honest in here.

If I said to you that I really care about you so much, do you really believe it?

Well, most of you say "NO" for sure. -:)

However, if I tell you the truth that I want you to come back for more, will you do it?

Well, it depends on how the teleconference goes, right?


You see, we're dead serious about giving you the highest value on every thing we give away. -- This is WHO we are, anyway!

This is because we know that we want you to keep coming back for more from us.

It's that simple.

We've addressed this enough:

A. We're Over-delivering Like Crazy.

B. We are giving you all these raw techniques that other marketers won't dare to share with you.

C. We want you to come back for more new raw techniques to build a million dollar business in the future.

This is how we do it in business. This is exactly what I want you to feel when you get out from these LIVE teleconferences.

Are you ready to reserve your seat?

Wait! Here Are Something More...

As I want you to LEARN everything you could about DRIVING traffic to your site, we've decided to give TWO bonuses you can use it right away. This way, you can fight like the guerilla in the years to come.

Exclusive Bonuses #1:
One Free Ticket to The Coaching Program (Value: $197)

You can invite ONE friend to this call for FREE. This way, if you are MORE into saving money, you and your friends can be on the same admission for ONE price.

What the heck are you doing in here, Henry?

Well, I hear you OUTLOUD on my blog. You guys asked for it. You guys want it cheap (or ridicilous price). I simply give it away, remember? :-)

I don't care whether it is your friends that you partner with, whether it is the guy next door, or it is the guy on the forum. It is your choice.

Exclusive Bonuses #2:
Ebay Coaching Call (Value: $497)

In this call, Socrates and I are going to show you how to GENERATE a massive amount of hungry buyers from ebay. This allows you to TAP into this hidden market almost "Under Radar" from your competitors.

Bonus Call will be held on Tuesday, July 31st'07 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST)

Here is just a small sample of what you'll learn once you participate:
  • How to sell an ebook for $5 but make $20 profit -- Only a handful of ebay digital sellers are using these techniques. It is a simple addition to your ebay marketing that can increase your bottomline 400%.

  • How to take resell rights ebooks that sell for a penny and sell them for $5+ each -- It's an ongoing desease selling ebooks for one cent on ebay and expecting to turn a profit. Only the few that know what they are doing actually make money with this. The other that just copy what they see are just wasting their time. I will show you a way to utilize this flaw and find hundreds of products for a penny and build your inventory for almost free.

  • How I built a list of 5,500 people from ebay that makes $3,500 every time I email to it. -- You will learn specific strategies I used to compile a mailing list of 5,500 people exclusively from ebay and how it keeps making me money every time I send an email to it.

  • How to optimize your ebay listings and double the number of people that see your auctions -- Understnading the ebay search function is a fundamental concept about ebay that if you dont get it, you will never "really" make it. I will show you how to optimize your listing to make sure you get maximum exposure/ Thing about this as SEO for eBay.

  • How to promote affiliate programs with ebay -- If you dont have your own products yet, there are ways you can promote affiliate products on ebay and make a lot of money doing it. Expecially with digital products where commissions are as much as 75%.

  • Why you should't use the words "Resell" or "Master resell rights" in your ebay ebook auctions -- I see this way too often and it is sad becuase most people do this without even underdtanding why and why they maybe hurting themselves instead. The occations that you should actually use these words are far less than the times you shouldnt.

  • and much more

Exclusive Bonuses #3:
(4) One Hour Question & Answer Sessions (Value: $497 each)

As crazy as it sounds, we are going to give you (4) one hour Q&A Session every week. You can utilize these sessions to ask any questions you might have about running a Six-Figure income business. This allows you to take your business better in the year 2007.

NOTE: Make sure you prepare at least FIVE questions ahead of schedule and submit to us. This way, Socrates and I are able to answer your questions LIVE during Q&A sessions.

Here is the schedule for each Q&A Sessions:
  • Q&A Session #1: Thursday, Jul 5th'07 (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST)
  • Q&A Session #2: Thursday, Jul 12th'07 (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST)
  • Q&A Session #3: Thursday, Jul 19th'07 (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST)
  • Q&A Session #4: Thursday, Aug 2nd'07 (9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST)
SPECIALNOTE: The last Q&A session will be held after Ebay coaching call. This way, we are able to make sure that your Ebay coaching call will be covered as well. (Of course, as we want to make sure you are totally ready to fight like a PRO in the web 2.0 era!)

Let's Summarize What You Get...

Reserve The Four-Week Coaching Program
at the bottom of this page.

( Your Only Chance to Survive on Web 2.0 Era )

Four Intensive Coaching Calls
(Support your customers)
Four Q & A Sessions
(Increase your opt-in)
Ebay Coaching Calls
(Accepting payment online)
Transcript of Each Call And MP3 Files
(Find out what your customer wants)
One Admission to The Call
(Find out what your customer wants)

Total Value: U$ 4,985.00

You get all of this for the low one-time market test
price of:

... but you must act right now - not tomorrow - not next week -
Once we have 50 42 "takers", we will take down this page.

Now, if you are one of those guys who is sitting in front of your computer who keeps wondering whether you should spend 197 bucks getting on this coaching program, let me help you do the math.

These days a measly 197 dollars is nothing. Even if you go out with a date for one day, you could easily spend $300 without even realizing it. You may remember way back when a luncheon special cost a $1, but those days are over gramps.

Let's Take a Look At How Little $197 is...

Let's compare what $197 means to you when you take your date to New York City. Even last time, when Mike Filsaime treated me, it cost him $400 (That's ONLY for lunch).

Let's imagine that you've done all the research about 4 stars french restaurant, the parking space, and even the price of the cuisine. You borrowed a car from your friends. You're all set to go.

What will it really cost you to spend a nice four hours with a beatiful girl?

Let's Compare Two Teleseminars to Your Cheap Date Adventure
in New York City

With the gas prices spiking all the time. $5 in gas is not enough. You need at least 1/3 of the tank full to make sure your date can get back home. This way, you are not renting a $200 a night hotel in Time Square.

Geez. Finding a parking meter on the street. Your date will be very impatience. The best way is parking in the garage even though is costs you a fortune. Unfortunately, in New York, Parking for FOUR HOURS will cost you a lot of buck.

Exclusive 4 Stars Rating Dinner
Try to tell the girl that the vegetables is good for her health. Order more salads and the cheapest steak to make her full. A bottle of champagne.

Ice Cream
You are running out of cash. You want to impress your date by taking her to the 34th street cafe shop. She chooses her tiramisu and Hot chocolate, and you choose the cheesecake and latte.
A Rose
Your four hours parking space is almost over. You want to impress your date for a very last time. You bought a bucket of rose on the street and tell her how much you love her. Great Job!

Total Cost for the cheap date in NYC: U$ 239

Take a look at it this way, even a cheap date costs much more than this four-week coaching program. Why not, use this opportunity to learn directly from the PRO, Henry Gold and Socrates Socratous. Try to gain the knowledge they have been hiding to help you prosper your business immediately.

Instead of just taking your date to your house, by learning these strategies that Henry Gold is about to reveal to you, you are able to take your date to a 5 star restaurant, without even worrying about your financial situation. (Perhaps, Spend a night in the Time Square as well!)

So, if you really aren't hurting for cash and those McDonald's Burgers mean so much to you, you should probably pass on this package.

But, really, who cares what we think, right?

Let these people tell you what type of results they are getting out of the coaching program...

"I am Afraid to Think of What Would Happen to My Internet Business if I weren’t Getting Henry’s Help"

"Before being guided by Henry, I was frustrated, running around in circles and racking my brain on how to monetize my niche social networking website. There was no clear path for them to follow. I wasn’t telling my visitors what I wanted them to do.

Fortunately I signed up for coaching with Henry and I am now in the process of reconstructing my business from the bottom up, the correct way. Henry is teaching me how put together a solid business plan and strong foundation for my Internet business.

Henry is also showing me how to monetize my site with a proven traffic generation system. I am really fortunate that I didn’t actually launch my website before discovering my mistakes and how to correct them.

Now that I am constructing my business foundation the right way, when I launch my website it will grow exponentially and bring in money every month on autopilot. I suggest that you do not waste another minute in getting over to Henry’s site and sign up for his training. Let Henry put you in the driver’s seat and get you on the right track to success!

I am afraid to think of what would happen to my Internet business if I weren’t getting Henry’s help.

Temogen Amato

"If You Ever Have a Chance to be Coached by Henry and Socrates Its a No Brainer DO IT!"

Thanks Henry and Socrates, What a great experience, at times I thought my head was going to explode with so much information. I can't believe how much you crammed into four weeks. The most amazing thing about it is there was no fluff just nut and bolts information you can put to use to build you business.

Did I say build your business? That's what Henry and Socrates teach, building an online BUSINESS. They do teach you how to get money coming in while getting started, but the main focus is building a business for the long term. They provide the blueprints and their knowledge for you to build with.

If you put into practice what they teach there is no doubt that your business will grow and grow along with your income! I had been hopping around all over trying this and trying that all with no success.
Now I have the blueprints and know what to focus on and have already taken huge steps in putting it to action. If you ever have a chance to be coached by Henry and Socrates its a no brainer DO IT!

Bill Pruett

"You Need to Listen to What Henry Gold Has to Say"

The information that Henry Gold dishes out is always high quality, top notch, insider key info that I have to get my hands on. No exceptions to this fact.

If you want to stay on top of what is working and will continue to work, then you need to listen to what Henry Gold has to say.

Sherif Osman
Business Software, Inc.

"By Learning From Henry & Socrates (Newbie or Advance), You will DEFINETELY Reach Your Financial Prosperity. NO EXCEPTION!"

Prior Joining Henry's program, There was a time a short while ago that I was buying up just about every program, course, ebook,that the big gurus were throwing at me, and they still are. I was going broke, and getting absolutely nowhere.

I didn't know why because they all said how to do it, but when I did it, it didn't work. Oh sure a few bucks here and there, but it costed me more with Pay Per Clicks to get those measly sales.

Until I saw Henry's program... The first week of the coaching course, I turned to my wife and said "This is it, this is what I've been waiting for"

Henry and Socrates have given me more than I could ever dream of, mainly because I didn't even know I had to all of what I have been taught. No one else have told anything like what they are teaching, and I believe they never will.

This program teaches an incredible amount of business strategy, right from the ground up. The AWESOME part is Henry and Socrates "Pint and Point" the weakness of the competitors on the industry we target. (Now, I know!)

They told us on how this company goes down and why that company continues to climb the wall of success. I don't know who you are. I just know that by learning from Henry & Socrates (Newbie or Advance), you will DEFINETELY reach your financial prosperity. NO EXCEPTION!

Follow these two, they will take you to the top, for years to come.

Mark G Roberts

Are You Ready?

Of Course You Are.

Now, go ahead and join me on the "Four-Week" coaching program...

YES! Please give me the virtual ticket to Henry Gold's four weeks coaching program as soon as possible.

Make sure you also give me (ONE) free ticket for my friend to join as well. This way, both of us can learn directly from Henry Gold.

I understand that I have to attend the call 10 minutes prior to each session, as I want Henry and Socrates know I am truly passionate on this coaching program.

I understand that I will also receive Ebay Coaching Bonus Call, worth $497.00, as Henry and Socrates want me to FURTHER succeed online.

I understand that I will also receive (Four) One hour Q&A Session calls, worth $1,997.00, as I am the first 50 42 who reserve the seat today.

I understand that that the ticket for this call will only be $197, where Henry Gold and Socrates will show me how to outperform my competitors in the niche I am targeting into.

I understand that if I have any questions on each call, I am able to ask Henry and Socrates via chat log, where they will answer it LIVE on the call up to 30 minutes.

I understand that I will receive the recording on an mp3 file in case I have a time conflict or I missed the call.

I understand that I will also receive the transcript of the call for my visual study.

"The Four Weeks Intensive Coaching Program"
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"I found the 4 week Coaching Course run by both Henry Gold and Socrates Socratous to be thorough in execution, detailed in content, excellent in quality, over delivered in quantity and very practical in addressing
the current real needs of us Internet guys"

Martin Jeszke — United Kingdom

"I learned a lot from the calls, it really helps me to realize that my goal of retiring and traveling is possible. "
Paul Leverett — California

"The coaching calls helped reenergize me! I know the direction I need to go, I learned so much, I can now see myself being totally successful, I am now restricting my business to reach my goals"
Joseph Vaughn — Louisiana

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